MINUS 1 - Beirut's artistic getaway

A self-described progressive social creative space, MINUS 1 welcomes you underground, providing an area for shows, events, exhibitions, book signing, art performances, film screenings, workshops and much more.

Underneath the city of Beirut, the cultural atmosphere has successfully and continuously provided artists in Lebanon to come exhibit their talent and art over the past few years and has solidified its uniqueness by focusing primarily on Lebanese art and artists.

Nisrine Faddoul, a communication arts graduate, is the brain behind MINUS 1. She completely transformed a dark, underground basement into a beautiful artistic getaway. MINUS 1 also provides a service as an atelier for those who wish to create art but do not have the space to do so at home.

The community organization has been nothing short of a labor of love, for Lebanese artist Raymonda Adib, art director and manager of MINUS 1. “We do everything to make this place a home for artists, even if they just want to use the internet and drink coffee or read a book in the library. Foreign visitors had a better understanding of our concept than the Lebanese, as we don’t charge for most services, so it confuses people here, even now! After a year and a half!”

 Minus 1  Minus 1

Unconventional, yet creative, the donation box does not only take money, but any donation that regular and one time-visitors bring as a gift to decorate MINUS 1. Some have even brought from Cuba, Ecuador and Nepal, leaving behind a piece of themselves in the space they love so much.

One special aspect of this place, is that it transforms on a daily basis; the crowds are even different. One day it is an art gallery, the next day a stand-up comedy show is taking place. The day after you would find a garage sale. On quiet days it is an office for artists, who need a place to write and drink coffee.

A cuddly place during the winter and fall, enriching outdoor programs are created during the summer. This year, the major event being prepared, is an urban getaway taking place in August 8 & 9, near Bhamdoun. A large outdoor nature camp, tents have been made ready for all budding and old artists, painters, photographers, musicians, craftsmen and women, writers, spiritualists who need a creative space in nature, away from the city. For those who are interested to join, please find the contact information below as well as the atelier’s map.

MINUS 1 Phone number: 01/565665 (landline)
Email: contact@minus1lb.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Minus1lb

 Minus 1  Minus 1


L'appartement - a Space for Artists
Maison d’art | Bistro | Espace de vie

An old apartment in Sioufi has been turned into a cosy, beautiful, creative dwelling and re-invented itself as “L’appartement”. Serving delicious homemade food, each room/balcony is decorated in a vintage style, warmly welcoming visitors to enjoy themselves in a serene atmosphere.

A warm welcome, a colorful decor, the salon warmly invites you to sip delicious hot chocolate as you enjoy the sunset to evening time in the city without feeling you are in the city. 

For artsy folks, the setting is perfect. Whether the place is packed or hosting a few customers at a time, the peaceful calm is still there. “Creative Wednesday” are a favorite for many of the regulars.  From 7 pm till 1 am, hefty art supplies are provided for free as long as they are cleaned up and tidily put back in place after use.

  L'appartment  L'appartment

For those who wish to stay at a motel, a bedroom is ready for guests who wish to sleep a night in Beirut with an artsy experience and a scrumptous homemade "Bed & Breakfast" menu. as well as a hall for those who wish to access a space for dance classes, work-out sessions etc.

“L’appartement” also hosts one artist’s work every month. For those who wish to display their work, contact them on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/lappartementbeirut

Don't miss the Beirut Art Fair 2014


 For the fourth year in a row, Beirut’s art fair will take place beginning today at BIEL Hall 2 from 6-10 pm on Thursday and 3:30-9:30 pm on Fri-Sun.

A window to the art scene in the MENA region, the fair serves as a cultural and intellectual intersection between East and West and will display various forms and expressions of art, through painting, sculpture, video, design and performance.

Over 50 international modern and contemporary art and design galleries will be on display, stretching from the Middle East, to North Africa and South of Asia.



What to watch out for:

- In collaboration with Bank Med, Fadi Mogabagab will be providing engraving workshops with different techniques.

- Byblos Bank award 2014 for Photography, to be presented to the winner of the laureate.

- Grand-Reporter at Elle Magazine & Architecture Critic at Beaux-Arts Magazine, Philippe Trétiack, will be visiting to talk about his experience in writing about contemporary art to young Lebanese designers.

- There will be several limited-edition pieces of vintage art that will be found in “The Art Gallery”


Enjoy  the experience and make the most out of it!

For more information visit http://www.beirut-art-fair.com/

Are you an artist? Become a Wonder Maker today

Last year, Beirut was picked as one of the 12 “Art Cities of the Future” by the editors of “Art Cities of the Future: 21st-Century Avant-Gardes,” published in a book by Phaidon.

Today, our art scene has just become a notch fancier with My Wonder Piece, provides a platform for Lebanese artists to become Wonder Makers. By putting your artwork through My Wonder Piece, we provide the right gateway for all Lebanese artists, designers and freelancers to promote their piece of art, which leads to a successful online sale. And we love to see all types of art forms!

Browse through our website and see the various styles of art! Let us know what you think! The first three months of joining My Wonder Piece is for free and you have full control on setting your up your Wonder Piece platform yourself!