Heart Flower

A 45cm x 37cm acrylic painting by Sara Abou Mrad from Dancing Sleepers collection
Wonder Maker: Sara Abou Mrad
Delivery date: 1 week

Dancing Sleepers collection is the progression of a study which Sara Abou Mrad started in 2010.

A study based on women’s body curves and lines creating dynamism and movement in art.

In this collection, women’s bodies are represented in particular ways which are strictly emphasized on body language and gestures while completely ignoring facial expressions and arms.

The movement inside each work is inspired by dance choreography. It is always extroverted, taking the observer to look all over the work and away.

The treated sheep wool in the background gives the silhouettes a soft texture and it is close to a human’s natural skin color. Painted in black, this fortifies the contrast between silhouettes and the colorful facade.

Every composition is based on a combination of the positive and negative of the silhouettes, following the color rhythms in the work.

NB: Black figures have a toned sheep wool texture

This wonder piece is framed in a hand made natural raw wood between 2 normal glasses.

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